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The Mitsubishi limited warranty can protect your vehicle for several years. Mitsubishi is confident enough in its vehicles to offer one of the boldest warranty programs in the automotive industry. Bonita Springs Mitsubishi takes pride in selling a product that has such high-quality standards. Here are some of the parts of your vehicle covered by the Mitsubishi limited warranty.


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The 2022 Mitsubishi warranty lasts for 10 years or for 100,000 miles. This extensive warranty protects the original owner of a Mitsubishi vehicle if problems arise with various powertrain components. The original owner is the person who first took possession of the vehicle. If you lease a vehicle and then buy it at the end of the lease, Mitsubishi considers you the original owner. If you sell the vehicle, the warranty is still effective for five years or 60,000 miles.

The warranty covers engine parts like the cylinder block and its internal parts, gaskets, engine mounts, timing belt, turbocharger, water pump, valve covers, flywheel, fuel pumps, and related parts. The powertrain warranty covers parts related to the transmission and transaxle, including the torque converter, transmission case, axle housing, drive shaft, propeller shaft, differential carrier assemblies, and other related parts.


The limited warranty covers the battery of the vehicle for the first 24 months from the original in-service date of your vehicle. The warranty covers the battery regardless of mileage for the first two years. If the original battery is defective somehow, Mitsubishi replaces it at no charge. The warranty also allows for battery replacement up to the 37th month of service at a 50% reduction. In such a situation, Mitsubishi also covers the labor to remove and replace the battery at 100%.

Limited Warranty Adjustment Period

The limited warranty covers any needed adjustment needed for your vehicle. If a system within the vehicle does not work correctly, you can take advantage of the adjustment period to have it addressed. The adjustment period lasts for the first 12 months of ownership, or 12,000 miles. The adjustment period specifically refers to adjustments needed to the vehicle due to manufacturing defects or issues. If you find a defect or a manufacturing issue, contact your Mitsubishi dealership, and they can have it addressed within the warranty period.

Air Conditioner Charge

The limited warranty covers your air conditioner refrigerant charge for one year or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. If you need your refrigerant charge replaced in that time, Mitsubishi will do so at no cost. After the time period elapses, the warranty still covers the refrigerant charge, but only as part of the coverage of the entire air conditioning system.


The limited warranty also has an anti-corrosion element to it. This lasts five years with no mileage cap and covers replacing body sheet metal corroded from regular use. The warranty does not include coverage for driver modification or accidents. The warranty also has outer panel rust-through coverage for seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.


Mitsubishi protects the emission control system of its vehicles. The National Emissions Standards Act established emission standards for vehicles and required regular vehicle testing. Mitsubishi guarantees its vehicles will pass the emissions test for five years or 60,000 miles. The warranty also covers parts related to controlling emissions from vehicles. For example, the warranty covers the engine control module, transmission control module, the catalytic converter, and the onboard emission diagnostic device and its components for eight years or 80,000 miles.

Other parts related to emission control covered by the warranty include the exhaust gas recirculation valve, fuel tank filler tube, induction control valve assembly, the positive crankcase ventilation valve, hoses, clamps, brackets, pipes, gaskets, and various belts and seals.

Roadside Assistance

The Mitsubishi limited warranty also includes roadside assistance for five years on new vehicles. This program provides 24-hour emergency service from the date of purchase. The program lasts for five years and has no mileage cap. It includes services such as towing, jump starts, replacing a flat tire, and emergency fuel delivery. The towing service provides a one-way tow to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer or approved service provider.

Outlander PHEV Components Coverage

The Outlander plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV) hybrid has a warranty coverage specific to its electric components. This PHEV limited warranty covers parts for 10 years or 100,000 miles. The part the warranty covers includes:

  • The PHEV control unit.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Battery cell monitor.
  • Battery cooling fan and unit.
  • Battery-electric current sensor.
  • Battery management unit.
  • Battery PTC heater.
  • Charge port for a charger cable.
  • Electric heater system.
  • Electric oil pump.
  • Electric water pump.
  • The front motor.
  • The generator.
  • The peak torque limiter.
  • Radiator motor fan.
  • Rear electric control unit.
  • The transaxle.

PHEV Drivetrain

Warranties for the Outlander PHEV hybrid drivetrain have coverage for 10 years or 100,000 miles. The coverage specifically addresses the main drive lithium-ion battery. It covers any factory defects in the battery or in its installation. The warranty does not cover an event where the driver drains the battery over time and capacity loss results.

PHEV Starter Battery

The starter battery warranty also applies to the Outlander PHEV. This portion of the warranty specifically addresses the 12-volt starter battery in the vehicle. The warranty covers the starter battery for two years. Mitsubishi automatically replaces a faulty starter battery during the first two years of ownership for free. If a start battery problem arises, up to the 37th month of ownership, Mitsubishi replaces the battery at a discount of 50%, but the warranty still covers labor for the work at 100%.

Other PHEV Parts

The limited warranty also covers some of the other parts in a PHEV vehicle. The warranty will cover audio units, amplifiers, navigation systems, and the entertainment system for three years or 36,000 miles. Also, the warranty covers all filament bulbs.

Mitsubishi offers an extensive warranty on all makes and models. Bonita Springs Mitsubishi can deliver the vehicle you need with a warranty that provides peace of mind. Stop by our showroom to see the latest options Mitsubishi has to offer.